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Huffman EMS takes over as the 911 ambulance provider


Huffman EMS and Harris County ESD 4 wish to thank Acadian Ambulance for their many years of dedicated service to our community. With that being said HC ESD 4 (the county agency responsible for providing emergency services for our community) has decided to become a direct provider for Emergency Medical Services. As of September 1st Huffman EMS will take over as the 911 ambulance provider.   You, the community, can expect to receive the same great level of service that was provided by Acadian. We will continue to meet all of your expectations, and as a community based service we will continuously strive to surpass those same expectations.

Huffman Strong event


Kacey Sammons, Director of EMS, speaks during a presentation at the "Hufffman Strong - A Celebration of Thanks" community event at The First Baptist Church. Huffman EMS received a commendation for our response during Hurricane Harvey.

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Sound the Alarm


March 10th, 2018

Huffman EMS just officially completed our first biannual "Sound the Alarm" campaign.  We successfully installed 172 smoke alarms in 62 households throughout the district. Please stay tuned for information regarding our next round in November 2018, and drop us a line if you would like to be included.